Zoeller m57 sump pump review

My purchase of this product has been a great investment for my household as it has effectively addressed a problem which has caused me anxiety for some time. Researching pumps can be tedious and I was drawn to the M57 Sump pump as the product description was clear, concise and provided clear instructions on the uses of the product, its functions, limitations and engineering principles. I had been searching for a product that would adequately deal with my issues and all of the Zoeller m57 sump pump reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

After a lot of research on the market and consulting with friends and professionals, the online research was at times overwhelming and it was hard to locate a pump which would rectify the unique problems that I was facing as my household is situated beside a lake. My plumber recommended the M57 sump pump as he had one in his house for ten years and says it has never caused any problems but in fact works wonderfully. Asides from this, he clarified that the majority of pumps within hardware stores have plastic impellers and are overpriced for their capabilities.

As recommended, sump pumps need to be replaced every 10 years and this was a necessary replacement for my own household as myself and my partner have had issues in which our current pump produced strange noises and gurgles! My Partner and I don’t have children and it was like having a baby in our basement with the litany of cries and croaks from the exhausted pump as it took its last breaths.

Overview of the Product

Also, the investment was essential as we suffered a flood in our house and our current pump was unable to rectify and prevent the damage. After researching the appropriate pumps, myself and my partner have become something of experts in this field, which is amusing as we are both accountants and typically incompetent in even the most basic of DIY endeavors. After researching the product on forum boards and websites, it was apparent the M57 was an excellent piece of machinery and a good if not necessary investment for households. As I write this I am immensely grateful I listened to my plumber and chose to purchase a product which was slightly more expensive but immensely well-crafted piece of machinery.


  • The product holds a full cast-iron bottom and impeller and thus is unlike the majority of pumps on the market.
  • The product is easily installed and comes with clear instructions.
  • The fact that the pump is sturdy and resilient is evidenced that it can tackle dirt that can be grainy and filled with pebbles. This pump is sturdy and resilient and even tackles dirt that can be grainy and filled with pebbles.
  • One of the major benefits is the metal impeller which has been a lifesaver as our last one was plastic and became sheared and cracked as damage and residue built up over time.
  • The product weighs around 30lbs and feels like a well-designed piece of machinery


  • The packaging could have been perhaps more ‘user-friendly’ as it was barely wrapped in a cardboard box and could have been perhaps damaged during the delivery process.
  • The packaging was also torn in places which indicated it had not fully secured the product.

Putting it to the Test

After 3 months of the product running like a dream, I recommended into a friend whose basement is frequently flooded due to rain. She informed me after one particularly harrowing flood, the pump dealt with it quickly and left the place as dry as pepper. Testimonies like this illustrate the product provides excellent value and is worth every penny! Therefore, my Zoeller m57 sump pump review is nothing but positive.


Although it is summer now and the pump is taking a well-deserved slumber I am filled with the comfort of knowing it will be ready to deal with whatever weather the winter produces. Furthermore, the array of YouTube videos on installation and other matters concerning the product mean that it is effortless to rectify any problems the pump may encounter over the years.

I can’t reiterate strongly enough that the pump is perfect is you are seeking a strong, silent pump. Although it can be intimidating to research the pump product if you are not of a technical mind, this pump had been of utmost satisfaction for myself and my partner after years of ongoing issues and problems. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to replace their current pump.

I went with the M57 over the M53 because the product seemed to be the “queen bee” of pumps on the market and the slightly elevated price was in line with the advanced features and capabilities of the product


Its resilience and prowess for expelling water and dirt are clearly vocalized by others- this is a crucial aspect for buying any household product. Thankfully, this was not required but it increased my confidence in the value of the product and supplier.  I was rather shocked at the silent tones of the product and wasn’t sure if it was even working. It was unnervingly quiet!

The integrity of the product was tested a few days after the installation as we had a small water rise and the product adequately pulled the water out. We were both concerned it would be clogged with little pebbles and rocks but remarkably it easily extracted all materials and unwelcome substances! I would definitely recommend the product as it is virtually silent which a most welcome change from my previous experiences was!

The details of my Zoeller m57 sump pump review can only touch the surface of the positive aspects and uses of the pump. What makes this pump superb and what differentiates it from other more standard pumps, is the parts.

It holds cast iron parts which make it a sturdier, more resilient product and perfect for anyone who wants the peace of mind to know that the machinery will work efficiently and without much persuasion.

The peace of mind from knowing the product is silent with superb strength and tenacity means I do not need to fear floods and erratic weather creating havoc in my household. These unique capabilities are what provoked me to recommend the product to many friends and family.

I am filled with confidence that this product is going to last a long time due to the excellent materials it is devised from and the clear grit of the machinery can tackle even unexpected and unprecedented weather.

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